SAWIRRO: Real Madrid oo si wayn ugu dabaal degtay Madrid..(Ronaldo oo durba Tinta soo jartay iyo Kumanaan Taageere oo….)

(Madrid) 27 Maajo 2018. Real Madrid ayaa xalay ku guuleystay Champions League markii saddexaad oo xiriir ah kaddib markii ay si dhib yar ku martay Liverpool oo ay kaga adkaatay 3-1.

Waa markii 13-aad ay guud ahaan ku guuleysato koobka dhaga waynaha.

Los Blancos oo ku soo laabatay Caasimada ayaa koobka ku soo wareejisay Wadooyinka Madrid iyadoo ay isku soo bexeen kumanaan taageerayaal.

Cristiano Ronaldo ayaa durba soo xiirtay Tinta kaddib ciyaartii Final ka ee xalay isagoona qaab jarniin cusub ugu dabaal degayay koobka.


 Cristiano Ronaldo takes a selfie with Casemiro and Marcelo amid joyful scenes across Madrid

 Cristiano Ronaldo shows his neat new haircut as he walks to a reception in Madrid

 The Real Madrid bus creeps through the Spanish city as thousands of fans cheer

 Gareth Bale seemed to have more on his mind than celebrating - at least in this quiet moment

 Cristiano Ronaldo is busy on his phone but could hardly look more relaxed and satisfied as he is snapped with the trophy

 Real Madrid skipper Sergio Ramos holds the trophy aloft from Madrid's regional government HQ

 Real Madrid rejoice back in Spain after winning the top European trophy for the 13th time

 Brazil left-back and Spain defender Sergio Ramos beam with delight as they pose with the Champions League trophy, earned by an eventful 3-1 defeat of Liverpool

 Real Madrid players celebrated as fans watched after winning the Champions League for the third season in a row

 Real Madrid fans packed the streets to welcome back the kings of Europe yet again

 Marcelo and Sergio Ramos share the trophy-holding honours aside Daniel Ceballos and manager Zinedine Zidane

Marcelo and Ramos pose for a photo in front of the thousands of Madrid fans, who gave their players a hero's welcome

The 32-year-old captain Ramos labelled the current team as 'out of this world' after they claimed yet more silverwareCristiano Ronaldo, donning a fresh haircut following Saturday's victory, thanked the Madrid fans for their support

Zinedine Zidane waves to the ecstatic crowd after leading Madrid to glory  following an underwhelming domestic campaign

Keylor Navas takes a picture of the huge crowd while Isco gets ready to take a photo as well on Sunday

The victorious Spanish giants line up for a photo with the Champions League trophy at their parade on the weekend

Media and fans alike await the bus, which was driven around the heart of the Spanish capital on the weekend

White confetti is blasted out around the team bus as it makes its way past the huge crowd of supporters 

Ramos again addresses the crowd while his team-mates celebrate around him with their Madrid scarves

Huge swathes of Madrid supporters celebrate with the formidable Madrid squad as the bus goes round

Ronaldo high fives the delighted Real Madrid supporters at the parade in the Spanish capital after their win over Liverpool

The Portuguese star and his Madrid team-mates have become accustomed to these European Cup parades

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