Wayne Rooney oo Daris la noqonaya Barack Obama iyo Gabar uu dhalay Donald Trump…..(Sidee)+SAWIRRO

(Europe) 18 Maajo 2018. Kabtankii England iyo Man United ee iminka ka tirsan naadiga Everton Wayne Rooney ayaa lagu wadaa inuu daris la noqdo Madax waynihii hore ee dalka Mareykanka Obama iyo waliba gabadha uu dhalay Madawaynaha iminka Donald Trump ee Ivanka Trump.

Rooney ayaa ka fikiraya inuu u dhaqaaqo naadiga DC United ee ka ciyaarta horyaalka MLS, wuxuuna jeebka ku shuban doonaa adduun dhan 300,000 oo bound usbuuciiba haddii uu ku soo biiro.

Yeelkeede, waxaa iminka soo baxay warar xan ah oo sheegaya in laacibka ugu goolasha badan xulka England iyo Man United uu u soo guurayo guri shidan oo ku yaala Washington kaa oo qiimihiisa lagu sheegay 4.2 milyan oo bound.

Natiijada sawirka Rooney Man United and Everton

Haddaba haddii ay sheekadu u dhacdo sida la sheegayo oo uu Rooney u soo dhaqaaqo Washington wuxuu daris la noqon doonaa Barack Obama iyo waliba gabadha Donald Trump ee Ivanka Trump.

SAWIRRO guriga lagu wado inuu soo dego Rooney:

 This is the luxurious pad eyed up by family Rooney in Washington - if Wayne decides to make the move to the MLS

 The dining room is classy and chic - Rooney will be hoping his pals from the Premier League can fly over for dinner sometime

 This is a wine cellar with a difference for sure - will Rooney be storing his champers after man-of-the-match performances for DC United in here

 There are seven bedrooms in the stunning £4.2million property that is in a very political neighbourhood

 There are more bathrooms than bedrooms in the property, which will be perfect for hosting friends and relatives from the UK

 There is even a home cinema with more than enough room for Wayne, wife Coleen and their four kids

 The interior might well be a reminder to Rooney of his time spent with the red half of Manchester

 After a hard day's training, Wayne Rooney will be able to enjoy a nice, sit-down shower with water firing out at all angles

 This is the sixth bedroom at the £4.2m property in a quiet area of Washington - will the Rooneys fit right in?

 The house is bright, light and spacious - but Wayne Rooney might be having second thoughts over leaving good ol' Blighty

 Everton will recoup around £12m it is believed if Wayne and family Rooney decide to their luck over the water

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