SAWIRRO: Tababarkii ugu dambeeyay ee Chelsea ka hor inta aysan u safrin Roma

(London) 30 Okt 2017. Chelsea ayaa sameysay tababarkeedii ugu dambeeyay ka hor inta aysan u safrin Talyaaniga halkaa oo ay habeen dambe kula ciyaari doonaan kooxda AS Roma Champions League.

Kante oo si wayn looga tabay Chelsea ayaa tababarka qeyb ka ahaa halka Hazard uu wajiga ku datay koofiyadiisa iyadoo uu qabow ka jiro London.

Is aragii hore ee Blues iyo Roma ee ka dhacay Stamford Bridge ayaa ku idlaaday bar baro 3-3.


N'Golo Kante was involved in Chelsea's training session at Cobham on Monday morning

Photo published for Team train before flying south

Eden Hazard wore a woolly hat during Chelsea's pre-Roma training session at Cobham

The Belgium international pulled the hat down over his eyes amid cold weather in London

Hazard could be seen chatting to defender Andreas Christiansen on his way to the pitch

Pedro (right) also donned a woolly hat and gloves during the session on Monday morning

David Luiz, meanwhile, cracked out the snood as London was hit by a sudden cold snap

Batshuayi performs a series of kick-ups as Chelsea prepare for their Champions League game

Hazard eventually lifted the hat above his eye level as he messed around with a ball

Manager Antonio Conte showed he had not lost his ability despite no longer playing the game

Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois also felt the need to show off his own skills on the training pitch

Conte doles out instructions to his players as they prepared for an important contest

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