John Stones oo lagu soo bandhigay Etihad Stadium….(SAWIRRO XUL AH)

(Manchester) 09 Agoosto. Manchester City ayaa garoonkeeda ku soo bandhigtay daafaceeda cusub ee John Stones.

Sky Blue ayaa adduun ku dhow 50-milyan oo bound daafacan kaga soo iibsatay kooxda Everton iyadoo ka saxiixatay heshiis lix sano ah.

Haddaba daawo sawirro xul ah Stones oo lagu soo bandhigay Etihad Stadium:


PORTRAIT: Close-up of our new defender

DRESSING ROOM: Taking a look around

A PROUD DAY: Stones could hardly contain his excitement after completing his switch

NICE VIEW: John visited the Etihad last season for the Champions League semi-final

NEW THREADS: John with his new away kit

CITY FUTURE: Stones meets some of the players who'll dream of one day emulating him

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